Optimising the production processes When we process our vegetable raw materials, our care for the environment often comes down to preventing waste. We aim to make maximum use of all our raw materials and consumables, energy, water and residual flows, and to reduce our CO2, odour and noise emissions. We take a critical approach to road safety around our locations.

At group level, Cosun monitors the CO2 emissions of its factories, the water consumption of its processes, the amount of residual matter and the number of complaints made by local residents. We monitor all our production sites, including those outside the Netherlands apart from the two joint ventures in China. The figures are expressed in units per tonne of primary end product so as not to conflate variations in the size of the harvests we process. Our energy consumption per tonne of product was lower in 2016 than in 2015. The number of complaints received about the inconvenience caused by our production processes, however, was higher than in the previous year. Dutch NOx emission standards have been tightened up. All our sites in the Netherlands have taken measures so that they can work within the stricter standards.