Sustainable cultivation of the raw materials The companies that buy products from Cosun’s business groups have set themselves ambitious sustainability goals that they cannot achieve without the help of their suppliers. To this end, both Cosun and external organisations have developed registration systems and benchmarks.

The Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform (SAI) is such as system. This platform has developed the farmer sustainability assessment (SAI FSA) to analyse the principles and practice of farming. It provides an insight into the sustainability of crops and growing regions. This is important information because the consideration paid to sustainability within the supply chain depends not only on the crop but also on the growing region and local circumstances. Cosun joined the SAI as a group in 2016. Aviko and SVZ had already been members. In addition to membership of such international platforms, Cosun also develops its own sustainability systems. Sensus, for example, has developed the Crop-R programme to optimise chicory cultivation and Suiker Unie uses the Unitip programme to raise the standard of sugar beet cultivation to an even higher level.

On behalf of over 40 multinationals, EcoVadis rates more than 150 industries on four important sustainability themes: environment, fair labour practices, ethics/fair business practices and supply chain. Suiker Unie and SVZ have both been awarded Gold status by EcoVadis.