Policy & organisation Cosun takes a practical approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR). It says something about how we weigh up the conflicting interests before reaching a decision. Cosun wants to be a sustainable player in areas where we are active and can bring our influence to bear.

We have also set targets in other areas. We have taken initiatives to make the cultivation of our agricultural raw materials more sustainable, to use water more responsibly both to grow the crops and to process them, to cooperate within the supply chain to encourage sustainable innovation, to reduce CO2 emissions before and after our production processes and to professionalise staff development through training and education. These targets, too, are considered in this report.

Corporate social responsibility is an integral part of our strategy. Final responsibility for the policy lies with the Board, with the Supervisory Board overseeing the policy´s implementation by the Executive Board. The Chief Executive Officer reports to the Board.

The business group directors are responsible for setting and implementing their own policies. At Cosun level, the policies are coordinated by the CSR platform. The platform´s members are:

  • Anouk ter Laak, Chair - director, SVZ
  • Coen de Haas, Secretary - environmental coordinator, Cosun
  • Dick van der Aart, Marketing manager, Aviko
  • Iwan Blankers, Director, Sensus
  • Etiënne Geerts, Member of the Central Works Council
  • Jobien Laurijssen, Sustainability manager, SVZ
  • Sandra Munsterman, Marketing manager, Duynie Group
  • Frank van Noord, R&D director, Suiker Unie
  • Willy van Oorschot, Corporate communication manager, Cosun

Each business group has its own steering group; some have also appointed working groups in specific areas such as the environment and employee relations. The business groups’ management teams coordinate, direct, monitor and report on their activities to the Executive Board. The reporting lines come together in the Board. A working group at Cosun level compiles management reports and the Annual Report.