Key figures
Consolidated net turnover of Cosun. More information about financial and economic value click here.
Recurring EBITDA is operating profit before depreciation and amortisation, after adjustment for activities divested and non-recurring items.
The members’ bonus is paid to the members as part of the quota beet price and recognised as a cost of raw materials in ordinary operating profit. More information click here.
The beet yield per hectare, calculated on the average yield with average quality and after premium payments.
The upper part of the figure represents direct emissions caused by our use of fossil fuels. The lower part is the indirect emission relating to the purchase of electricity, converted into tonnes of CO2. More information click here.
Total number of complaints about Cosun’s production locations in the Netherlands and abroad. Most complaints related to odour nuisance. See also here.
Total water consumption of all Cosun production locations in m3 per tonne of product. More information click here.
Total volume of residual material per tonne of product, broken down into separated and mixed flows. Read more here.
Average number of staff during the year with a contract of employment with Cosun or one of its business groups.
Number of reports on suspected wrongdoing received by the Speak Up system. More information click here.
Total number of lost time accidents at Cosun business groups per 1,000 employees. More information click here.
Rate of sickness absence at the Cosun business groups, excluding maternity leave. More information click here.