Key figures As a cooperative of Dutch sugar beet growers, Cosun buys the sugar beet supplied by its members at a price based in part on the group’s results. The beet price is recognised in full in the profit and loss account as a cost of raw materials and consumables. It therefore influences the operating profit and net profit for the year, as disclosed in the table below.

In millions of euros (unless stated otherwise) 2016 2015
Net turnover 1,988 1,948
Operating profit 77 59
Recurring EBITDA* 172 167
Net result 56 46
Cash flow from operating activities 190 54
Capital expenditure on fixed assets 121 109
Group equity 1,178 1,165
Group equity as a percentage of total assets 66 66
Average beet yield per hectare in the Netherlands (in euros) 3,317 3,301
Quota sugar beet price** (in euros) 44.15 43.01
Members’ bonus 71 69
Average number of employees*** 3,896 3,912
Sickness absence (%) 4.0 3.9
Number of lost-time incidents (per 1,000 employees) 21 24
CO2 emissions (in tonnes per tonne of product) 0.21 0.22
Water consumption (in m3 per tonne of product) 2.6 2.6
Residual matter (in tonnes per tonne of product) 0.06 0.06

* Recurring EBITDA comprises operating profit before depreciation and amortisation and after adjustment for activities divested and non-recurring items.
** Per tonne of beet with average sugar content and average extractability.
***  Average number of FTEs.
****  See corporate social responsibility for further information.